Primal is a workshop intended for cathartic spiritual cleansing through ritualistic dance.  Infusing trance inducing
repetitive movements and integrating the Shamanic Journey, this class will take you on a deep spiritual journey within
yourself. This workshop is meant to be a medium to help you heal from within. Come face to face with   your feelings,
your fears, your past, your present and your future. This is a personal journey of your own creation. This class will use
repetitive motions, meditation, deep breathing and imagery to guide you on a dance experience unlike any other.  A
brief discussion, followed by examples of various movements and a deep breathing meditation will be used prior to the
start of class. This class will
invoke high energy so please bring water and a light snack. We will end the workshop with
a discussion and grounding meditation. Feel free to bring something to add to the altar!


What should I wear? Comfortable loose clothing.

What should I expect? What you put in, want to release and want to gain is what you will expect receive.

Do I need dance experience? No. Due to the personalization of this class, the act of moving in away you are
comfortable is all that is required.

Will people in the class be watching me? No. This class is intended to help you journey within yourself. People in the
class will be focused on their own personal journey.

Why dance? From the beginnings of time, we find dance. Spiritual dancing is a multicultural occurrence. Cultures from
every continent on this planet use unique dance forms to enter the consciousness or become the spirits of life around
them.  Ritual dance journeys have been a vital part of shamanic and eastern dance cultures for thousands of years.
The use of low lighting, blindfolds and shutting out over stimulation and distractions can help induce inner visions that
reveal personal and hidden meanings and can provide a purifying and cleansing of your spirit.
Zehara Nachash Presents: