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Reasons Why Online and Video Games Are Entertaining

Today, it’s a whole new world. Gaming is like a parallel universe that occupies the minds of not only children but adults as well, especially when finding coupons for new releases. What is it about video games that keep people glued to the screen for hours on end?


gamerFreedom is a basic human need. The feeling of freedom and control to make decisions for me will always permeate the human character and can be suspended in it. This is why we have hackers and conspiracy theorists to pick on our brains to trigger some sort of independent action. Video games found a way to satisfy this need by giving us the freedom to do just about anything, giving us a wide range of choices. That complete independence to do things we shouldn’t or don’t have to do in the real world is the key that drives us.

Control and Achievement

Feelings of control and accomplishment tend to go together in playing games. The moment we move to a bigger house or leave a dead-end job to get a better person, it makes us feel like we have some sort of control over that situation in our lives. It also evokes a sense of accomplishment, a feeling that we’ve made progress. The sense of control often contributes to a sense of power, rather than a sense of powerlessness to create meaningful change in the real world. The combination of control and power is an effective formulation to make us feel like we are standing on the bow of the “Titanic” shouting “I am the king of the world.” The more you control the game, more chances of dominating the game.

New Reality

gamerThere are few effective ways to escape the boring and stressful facts of the routine of normal life. Emerging into another, almost dreamlike, truth provides us with the means to satisfy demands and needs that individuals lack in real life. Gamers use the term “escapism” to detach themselves from the banalities of the real world. The appeal of video games lies in the player’s perspective of being able to be and get everything they need without being judged for it, as is often the case in the real world. Chasing that feeling of freedom keeps them coming back to video games, over and over.


From early childhood, human beings work to bond with different people. This brings us closer to other people and allows us to connect with them. To begin with, everyone who plays online games has arrived at the same specific reasoning that is one thing they have in common. Bonding is easy, and we feel comfortable saying whatever comes to mind. Plus, if for some reason it doesn’t go well, just change the game. Recent studies have shown that over 80% of people have played some type of video game in their lives, making it a wonderful icebreaker in real life when you want to start a conversation with someone.…

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