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How Video Games Enhance Social Skills

Gaming is said to be a perfect hobby for children, but is it true? Recent research suggests that video games can have many social benefits and that some types of games can also help improve children’s social skills who are in social difficulties, such as those with autism. Enhancing social skills is one of the video gaming benifit that we can get. Here are how video games can boost players’ social skills.

social benefits of video gaming

Enhancing Social Skills

Although the belief that players are isolated is widespread, many modern video games encourage social behavior among players. When children play cooperative (or perhaps “cooperative”) video games, they learn to work with different people. Video games that include “couch-coop” (i.e., shared video games that allow players to play on the same console) allow players to interact face-to-face with another person while they play. Game discussions and conversation approaches can help players know that they are part of a group and can improve their conversation skills.

Cooperative Play Video Games

Basically, players need to draw quick social conclusions when playing this type of social game if they expect to be successful in the game. He continues: “In these immersive social contexts, we note that players learn social skills and prosocial behaviors that could be transferred to their peers and family members in the gaming atmosphere. There is evidence that the social skills that players learn in an online social gaming environment are interpreted for their relationships in the real world (Granic et al 73).

Specifically-Built for Social Skills

Gaming is beneficial for social skillsThese social benefits of playing video games will be greater when players play games specifically designed to achieve prosocial behaviors such as strong cooperation, support, and other players’ assistance. According to Isabela Granic, an analysis showed “that children who played prosocial games on the first day of this school year were much more likely to show useful behaviors later in the season. Several studies have also shown that children who play with civic experiences such as the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 are much more likely to participate in social or civic activities (such as volunteering, fundraising for charity and encouraging various people to participate in elections) at school and in their daily lives.

Social Benefits of Violent Games

More recently, the study found that some types of violent video games may be just as capable of promoting prosocial behavior among gamers as their non-violent counterparts. The main element to determine whether a violent film sport, such as a first-person shootout, will promote prosocial behavior or violent, antisocial behavior among players seems to be when a player is more likely to play violent video games with several players rather than playing independently, continued the American psychologist left unclear, but when these studies stop the threat of players who do not have prosocial behavior or are more likely to participate in competitions or game adventures for one player than common types of video games.…

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